Fantastic photo archive of the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Ok, who will be the first to build a 3d model / photosynth / object movie / inverted panorama from these thousands of images? :-)

click the image above to visit the site.

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3d display coming perhaps this decade….

We’ve been promised this for a while. Who knows? It could actually arrive, perhaps even before flying cars.

Click the screenshot below to go directly to the site and watch the video.

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A new pano-video security camera

This one looks pretty cool!

It’s 7 megapixels, 3 cameras, 180 degrees horizontal field of view. Put 2 of them back to back and you’ve got a 360, they say. It is nice and flat, so that might actually work pretty well… although they didn’t have any examples of this on the site, so it probably doesn’t work *that* well.

This camera is named after the scallop, which not only tastes great fried, but also has many eyes along the edge of its mouth….

This camera is made by the Tenebræx corporation. No word on the price, which means it’s in the 4 or 5 digits one can presume.

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Seadragon on iPhone

Microsoft has ported their excellent Seadragon to the iPhone.

It’s essentially a tile-based image viewer. That means, an image of infinitely large resolution can be shown, by supplying a set of image tiles for each resolution. Simple idea but extremely powerful. And in this case it is implemented very well — it refreshes very fast and really gives you the feeling that you can zoom in infinitely. I’m looking forward to viewing some of my own content in this format.

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A cellar full of Cheese

Thierry Blondeau has made me very jealous with this panorama of a cheese cellar. This looks like a delightful place, and I bet the cheese is as tasty as it looks….

click the image to open the panorama.

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Niagara Falls Panorama

Jann Lipka just published this lovely panorama of Niagara Falls from the Canadian side.

Click on the image to open the fullscreen panorama.

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Viewing other people’s dreams while they sleep

According to the researchers, further development of the technology may soon make it possible to view other people’s dreams while they sleep.

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Microsoft Plans VR Simulation of Everything?

I didn’t think Photosynth was an “end product”. It’s just a start, from the looks of it:

From slashdot:

Microsoft recently updated ESP, a virtual reality modeling platform that until now has primarily been used to model aircraft and flight simulations. Microsoft has plans to expand it to other industries such as real estate and urban planning, but one of the most interesting possibilities could be what one observer refers to as a “simulation of everything,” based on Virtual Earth and perhaps even user-generated content. Indeed, Microsoft’s research chief has been promoting the idea of commerce applications and other tools built on top of what he calls the ‘Spatial Web’, a blend of 3D, video, and location-aware technologies. He gave an example of a shopkeeper creating 3D models of his store’s interior and goods with Photosynth and then uploading the results into a large 3D model of local shopping district. Customers could ‘visit’ the area, browse products, and order them for real-world delivery.”

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Adobe working on a crazy Virtual World Generator

Via Readwriteweb. Adobe is working on a “virtual world generator”. In short, they take a bunch of photos, a la Photosynth, but instead of stitching the overlapping ones together, they figure out which ones are different but can be blended together into an infinitely zooming image. Words don’t do it justice.

This is inspiring, crazy, and a bit frightening all at once. In short, I want to try it!

The action starts at about 3:30.

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Stockholm street view virtual map has released an excellent streetview map. The quality of the photographs is very high. While the images are not spherical, it doesn’t really matter in this particular application, and I’d trade the higher image quality here compared to Google’s streetview. Click on the image below to check it out.

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